Greg heading to Bauernkof Kitsteiner

Greg will be doing a 2 day course for temperate climate permaculture Sept 25-26.

Course Details (specific information follows below)

  • Topics Covered in this Course
  • Who Should Take this Course?
  • Who is Greg Judy?
  • Course Location
  • Cost
  • Refund Policy
  • Participant Restrictions
  • Included in the Course
  • What to Bring
  • What NOT to Bring
  • Course Policies
  • Local Lodging
  • Camping at the Farm


Cattle Who Should Take this Course:

  • Beginning graziers seeking a way to get started in grass farming without capital
  • Experienced graziers wanting to expand their operations with little to no additional capital
  • Anyone who wants green fields that can be grazed year-round
  • Everyone who has profit as their goal yet values wildlife and the environment
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