We do farm tour at Green Pastures Farm

We get asked if we do farm tours. Yes, we do!  We thought that we should post the cost and the information on what we do for a tour. The farm tour includes all aspects of our grazing operation. Past, present and future grazing scenario's. Water, fence, paddock layouts, animal performance, building fertility without fertilizing, graze to trample ratio's, building healthy litter bank. We give a grass genetic breakdown of what we have working on our farm with grass-finished animals.

We include our sheep management, past and present. We cover sheep breeds that work best, guard dogs, watering, fencing design, recovery periods, building parasite resistance, marketing.

All past mistakes and successes with our grazing operation will be discussed to give you a good road map of what works and what does not work. Will get an overview of proven materials to use with fencing and water development.

For booking a date, you suggest several dates that would work best for you. We check our farm tour calendar to hopefully book one of your suggested dates. 4 hour farm tours are limited to 4 people. The charge is $400 per group. If you want a longer tour or more people, please feel free to contact us.

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