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Pasture Pigs And Eggs

We are teaming with Blind Star Farm.


They are a young family, Bobbi, Alex and their son Rowan have been running chickens for eggs and pigs on our farm for last 2 years. We have hired Alex to become our farm manager. They are selling pasture pigs and chickens on non-GMO feed.

 The pigs are purebred Berkshire raised in the woodland/forest and fed 100% non-GMO feed. 

They will have pigs that will be ready at the end of Oct.

A whole hog haunging wieght plus processing will be $3.65.

For a half of hog the cost is $3.95 for haunging wieth and processing.

They also sell the farm products in the St. Loius area. To find more about them and how to place an order for pork and eggs, call Bobbi at 765-993-8844 go to:


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