Beef whole Half Quarters

Product Model:

Our beef prices are:

New prices as of July 2018

 1/2 beef (yields approximately 300 pounds) = $4.00 per pound Deposit of $200 required


Whole beef (yields approximately 540 pounds) = $3.50 pound Deposit of $400 required


The customer pays for all the processing cost.

Make deposit to :

Green Pastures Farm LLC


If you can to send a deposit to: 

Greg Judy

21975 N. Devils Washboard Rd.

Clark, MO 65243



Our animals have never been exposed to herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, fungicides, steroids, no GMO's, non-irradiated and has not been injected with growth hormones. No grain has ever been fed to the beef or lambs. So we can say that they are 100% grass-fed. It is all natural Boone County grass and sunshine.