Whole and half

Product Model:

We sold out very fast last year.  So if you are interested, place your order now for some very tasty pork.  The bacon is worth the wait.  We will have pork in the fall after the acrons have fallen. We are taking orders now for next fall.

Whole hog (yields approximately 200 pounds) @ $3.50/lb

If you would like to send a check, Make it out to :

Green Pastures Farm LLC

mail to :

Greg Judy

21975 N. Devils Washboard Rd.

Clark, MO 65243 

Call us at 573-874-1816 

Our animals have never been exposed to herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, fungicides, steroids, no GMO's, non-irradiated and has not been injected with growth hormones. No grain has ever been fed to the beef or lambs. It is all natural Boone County grass and sunshine.