Whole and half lamb

Product Model: 2018

We raise hair sheep that shed thier hair instead of needing to cut fleece. The sheep do not get any shots. We raise the sheep on 100% grass all year long. They had gaurd dogs that live with them to protect them.

Our Lamb prices are:

½ lamb (yields approximately 15 -20 pounds) = $125 he deoposit for a whole lamb is $50.

Whole lamb (yields approximately 30-50 pounds) = $200 The deoposit for a whole lamb is $100.

Our animals have never been exposed to herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, fungicides, steroids, no GMO's, non-irradiated and has not been injected with growth hormones. No grain has ever been fed to the beef or lambs. It is all natural Boone County grass and sunshine. 

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Green Pastures Farm LLC

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Greg Judy

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Thank you for your support.
Greg and Jan Judy